Sustainability & Impact

Supporting our farmers

It’s always been important to support our farmers, we’ve done it from the start and will continue to. We source all of our tea and as much of our other ingredients as possible, from Sri Lanka, and fully support the farmers who are vital to our business.

We aim to ensure they can manage demand and growth within the business. We have done this by initiating several projects partnering with our organic suppliers, spread throughout the country. These farmers work hard to produce the best quality organic products without the use of chemical fertilisers and often through difficult climatic seasons, particularly drought. We work across multiple projects to help our suppliers increase the volume and quality of their production, thereby growing their own businesses which in turn secures our relationships and supply chain for the future.

Gifting the cost of a mixing floor

Bio Foods created a certified organic bio-fertiliser for Sri Lankan farmers but needed to increase the quality and volume of production. Their previous set-up allowed for a total of 150 tons of organic fertiliser but the demand is actually 500 tons. To get the best quality product, the bio-fertiliser shouldn’t be contaminated with soil, however, their preprocessing was undertaken on a naked soil floor and therefore could become contaminated. A simple solution to overcome this was required, all that was needed was for the product to be mixed on a concrete floor and soil contamination is eliminated. We invested in the construction of this with our partners.

Provided to: Bio Foods Farming Society

Supplying tube wells to combat a drought

Welipanna is a rural village situated in the southern province of the Hambantota district in Sri Lanka. Vegetables and paddy are the main agricultural products and papaya, lime, orange, lemongrass and herbs are grown as secondary crops. They face the issue of insuffiffcient water during periods of drought and to overcome this they required tube wells to get water from groundwater level.

Provided to: Pasanka PVT

Water pumps to farm during the dry season

Although there were a few irrigation systems already in place in Welipanna Village, Tangalle, they were inadequate to cover the whole agricultural area. We provided eight water pumps that covered the whole agricultural area and allowed them to farm during the dry season.

Provided to: Pasanka PVT

Establishing an upland irrigation system

Siyambalagoda is a rural village situated in Southern Sri Lanka. Coconut and paddy are the main agricultural products with pepper, ginger, turmeric, papaya, limes, orange, sour soup and herbs grown as secondary crops. To increase the cultivation and to improve the quality we invested with our partners in a complex irrigation system.

Provided to: Pasanka PVT

Supplying an irrigation system

It wasn’t possible within the current farming methods and irrigation systems to supply enough organic vanilla for the demand. We provide water pumps, farming equipment and establish an irrigation system in Dambulla and Naula. There are many farmers who cultivate several crops in dry areas. They frequently face the issue of insufficient water for their farming practices. Working closely to the farmer’s requests, we provided them with equipment to establish an irrigation system and water storage facilities allowing them to keep up with demand and increase their yield.

Provided to: Maarji Natural Herbals PVT

Love, Care Change

Love Care Change is a charity set up with our business partners in Sri Lanka to ensure sustainability across the supply chain by investing in education, training and projects to increase production in farming and processing. Pioneered by our team in Sri Lanka, over 35 bespoke projects have now been implemented.