Sustainability & Impact

Parent & Child initiative for 2023 and beyond

Our commitment goes beyond just producing exceptional teas. We understand that families, whether they are our own shop floor employees or the dedicated farmer families we work with, are embarking on a transformative journey into organic farming or employment, and in some cases, even employee ownership. However, this journey often begins with a significant deficit and backlog, shaped by generations of lost livelihoods, high-interest loans, housing challenges, parental and elderly care responsibilities, and a lack of educational opportunities.

The global economic crisis, coupled with Sri Lanka's own financial challenges, has added an extra layer of complexity to the struggles faced by these families. In our own business context, the volatility in sales and purchases over the past few years due to the global crisis has been undeniable.

Recognising these multifaceted challenges, we have taken a proactive approach to make a meaningful impact. We've observed that even a decent wage or fair price is often insufficient to address the immediate issues these families face. We've initiated a focused effort to support children through a dedicated fund to address this. This approach ensures that the funds allocated for children's well-being do not get diverted for other purposes, no matter how well-intentioned they may be.

Through our experience, we've found that segregating funds for children's health and education needs, in a distinct program, prevents any overlap with reinvestments in farming. This strategic separation ensures that the critical aspects of children's well-being are not compromised when allocating resources for the growth of our agricultural initiatives. We've witnessed the positive impact of this approach firsthand, both with our employees and the special-needs families among our farmers.

In selecting farmer families to support, we've chosen those with additional challenges, such as single-parent households, children with special needs or abilities, and families facing income-related obstacles. By focusing on these special-needs families, we aim to contribute to their resilience and empower them to overcome the unique hurdles they face in their journey toward sustainable livelihoods.

At Joe's Tea, the proceeds from our sales are intrinsically connected to the lives of children, working parents, and young people throughout our supply chains. As an expansion of our commitment to supporting working mothers, we have introduced the Parent & Child Benefit Programme to support farmers and their families.

This marks the initial phase of extending the program to impact our cherished communities in Sri Lanka positively.

At Joe's Tea, we believe in not just cultivating exceptional teas but also in cultivating a community that thrives together.

Join us in making a difference, one cup of tea at a time.

Awarded the Mother & Child Friendly Seal by The Centre for Child Rights and Business

Fostering a family-friendly workplace, hand in hand with our parent company, English Tea Shop

Positively impacting the lives of children, working parents and young people across our supply chain

25 farmer's and their families supported to date

$806 USD invested in Q4 (01.10.2024 to 2023 to 31.12.2023)

$828 USD invested in Q1 (01.01.2024 to 31.03.2024)

$292 USD invested in Q2 (01.04.2024 to 15.04.2024)