Sustainability & Impact

Our shared values

Joe has always been passionate about great quality tea and looking after our people. From the beginning, transparency on provenance, sourcing and ethics has been at the core of our business and this remains. This is truly at the heart of what we’re about as a business and we hope to find these values in the people that serve, sell and drink our tea. Join us on our quest to create an iconic British brand, which leads the way globally in premium yet accessible, organic tea.

Commitment to quality

We are constantly striving to bring our customers the best tasting teas and herbal infusions we can possibly find. Our Soil Association certification (Ecocert and USDA internationally) ensures no chemicals or pesticides are used in the production of our teas and Joe’s constant thirst for improvement means we’re always tasting, developing and improving our blends.

Integrity in our sourcing

We source our organic teas from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) for the delicate taste profile that the black, green and white teas offer. We only buy direct from certified organic farms bypassing the commodity auction system to support small farms who use sustainable farming methods. We pay above market value for all teas and ingredients purchased that meet our tasting standards.

Relationships built on honesty

Our strong partner relationships, built over time during many farm and factory trips, enables us to provide our customers with an honest overview of our supply chain, providing information on our ethical sourcing practices. Internally we run an open book policy so all employees understand the vision and are working towards the same shared goals. We are working on processes to enable us to share even more information with our customers.

Carbon Neutral

Reducing impact on the environment is important, so all our tea is shipped by sea rather than air and biodegradable/recyclable materials are used where possible. Our chosen farms are constantly encouraged to reduce their carbon footprint too while dealing with the challenges of erosion and waste management they continually analyse the best ways to protect their water supply, virgin forest and other vital land areas.

Investing in our people

We’ve always maintained that people are at the heart of everything we do. As a result of a great working relationship, we are in partnership with our friends in Sri Lanka. Our shared value chain approach helps farmers, workers and their families to fulfill their ambitions by adopting sustainable methods of farming to safeguard resources and businesses. Furthermore, we directly invest in the supply chain by funding chosen projects to build long term business incentives including supporting female staff as much as possible, to help address some of the key issues faced by Sri Lankan women.