Sustainability & Impact

Tea traded fairly and directly

We believe the best tea comes from farmers and know that driving down prices drives down quality, productivity and passion for the product. This is much more important than a nice-cuppa story for us to tell, it ensures that the business model for every partner in the supply chain is economically sustainable and future-proofed. Our teas are bought direct, and never at auction, enabling us to cut out the middle-man and give more to the deserved small farmers who organically grow all our teas.

... Exceptional quality, enjoyed by you

You can enjoy our tea safe in the knowledge that Joe and the team have worked their socks off travelling from farm to farm tasting the way to produce the best quality cuppa just for you.

Our Sri Lankan roots

We source our organic teas from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) for the delicate taste profile that the black, green and white teas offer. Ceylon is world’s fourth largest producer of tea employing over 200,000 people in plantations and estates. All our teas are grown organically in the high to medium grown areas of Dyatalawa and Uva. This perfect blend of humidity, low temperatures and optimum amount of rainfall results in some of the world’s finest tea.