Ever-So-English Decaf tea bags

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Smooth black tea gently decaffeinated with CO2; light yet malty.

Blended with only the finest CO2 decaffeinated black tea, this is a first-class cuppa.

Looking for an English breakfast or a stronger, everyday tea? Try the rest of our Ever-So-English family, Ever-So-English Breakfast and Ever-So-English Everyday.

Size: 15 pyramid bags
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Organic black tea (100%)
CO2 decaffeinated


These robust tea leaves are lovingly hand-picked and directly traded from traditional, ethical tea plantations in India.


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Our packaging

Certified by 'A Plastic Planet',
meaning this product is
100% plant-based and
commercially compostable.

Outer carton. Made from FSC certified board. Recycle me.

Pyramid bag, string and tag. Made from sugar cane, cotton and paper. Pop me in your food waste caddy.

Inner pouch. Made from wood pulp,
wood you believe! Pop me in your food waste caddy.

We have worked closely with The Sri Lanka Climate Fund and are proud to be carbon neutral.