Masters of the earth

We know our partner farmers hold exceptional wisdom when it comes to pest and disease control too. Their expert knowledge (passed down over generations) has taught them simple yet effective non-toxic biological pest control. Keeping the ecosystem balanced and healthy, they harness cultiva, parasites, predators, pheromones and herbal sprays to control unwanted pests and diseases.

Natural fertilisers

Shady trees such Albezia, Grilicidia and Lithosperma are planted around the tea bushes, providing shade and balancing nitrogen levels in the soil; not only that – as the farmers will only use their own natural fertilisers – once trees are mature the farmers harvest the leaves to create the perfect tea-friendly fertile compost.

Nourishing soil

Our farmers believe in sustainability, even when it comes to weeds. So every weed comes in handy, controlling them by hand without fertiliser obviously means more sweat and toil (pulling them out by hand in the dry season; slashing them down during monsoon season) – but they’re put to good use once collected, creating a nutrient-rich nourishing feast for the soil.