Working at JTC

We are a small, growing team and share an office with our friends in Shoreditch. We support a healthy and active lifestyle and ensure that our employees have a balanced work:life ratio. And we’re all kept stocked up with our delicious, organic teas and herbal infusions.


We have a no nonsense, efficient but relaxed approach to our work. Our commitment to a great product, our customers and attention to detail are at the heart of all we do. We love our brand and support an entrepreneurial environment therefore encourage our staff to be integral to our success and growth across the board.

Ethical sustainability

We source and purchase our teas and ingredients mostly from small producers in the third world where it is ensured that their livelihood is sustainable. They use natural resources and adopt sustainable agricultural practices that help preserve the earth for future generations. We ensure that all our suppliers are selected and monitored based on their good environmental practices. Using recycled, biodegradable and recyclable materials is a must. Read more about our story here.

We are not currently recruiting but we love to hear from people who are looking to work with us. Please send a cv and covering letter to