What are our tea bags made from?

Our pyramid tea bag material is food-safe polyester that is fully recyclable. To dispose of them after use, simply empty the contents onto your compost at home or in your council collected food waste, and pop the pyramid bags into your normal recycling.

Why don’t we use biodegradable bags?

The biodegradable bags available on the market contain starch from GMO corn crops and so we won’t (and can’t under our Soil Association organic license) use them. Biodegradable pyramid bags are made from a bioplastic called PLA (polylactic acid), which in turn is made from a starch derived from genetically modified corn, see above for our stance on GMOs.

Biodegradable pyramid bags simply may be fully composted under the right conditions of heat, pressure and added enzymes. Your council (or waste contractor) must have the technology to do so, and if it doesn’t the tea bags will be sent to landfill or incinerated.