Sleepy Cow Tea

We’ve created an exclusive blend for internationally renowned beauty brand Cowshed for their new range, Sleepy Cow.

Drift off into a good night’s sleep with Sleepy Cow Tea. A blend of calming organic Chamomile, Lemon and Marjoram. Cowshed knows a thing or two about natural and wild crafted ingredients… and you can be sure as milk and two sugars Joe knows his organic tea. Together there’s nothing we don’t know about harnessing the ultimate ingredients for your best beauty sleep yet- as we bring you our perfect blend of Sleepy Cow Tea. So, the partnering between Joe’s Tea and Cowshed brings you the Sleepy Cow Tea. One pack contains 15 fuso tea bags (no need for a strainer!)

Try this limited edition tea, available to buy from our online shop now!