You can’t move for reading about chia seeds, raw cacao and coconut water and I’m still convinced that spirulina, goji and yacon are characters from Star Trek…  The recent superfood health craze has taken the nation by storm and it seems that every other person is juicing, cleansing and paleo dieting. So what’s it all about and is any of this stuff actually any good for you?

Lifebox are on a mission to slowly introduce you to health and superfood products in a manageable way that you and your family will love by sending you a different box each month (or a one off) packed to the brim with the best products they can find. What’s more is that it’s delivered direct to your door or desk meaning you don’t have to trawl around numerous different food shops during your hectic week to ensure you’re fully stocked up on healthy eating staples. Healthy eating isn’t about quick fix diets and Lifebox will introduce you to a delectable selection of handpicked supernutrients, wholefood bars, natural unprocessed snacks, teas, beverages, raw chocolate, natural protein, spice mixes, nuts, seeds and more that evolves every month. You also get handy recipe ideas to assist you in unprocessing your life and getting you well on your journey to a permanent healthier lifestyle.

Lifebox are obsessive believers in the power and remedial health benefits of whole, real, good, natural food and we couldn’t agree more. That’s why each of our fuso bags of teas and herbal infusions only contain organic, real and whole ingredients.

We’re delighted that throughout May you’ll find a box of our tea in each Lifebox so don’t delay and head to their website to order a box!