Ever-So-English Breakfast tea bags

Organic black tea - contains caffeine

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Finest Ceylon black tea; delicate, floral and refreshing.

Blended with only the finest Ceylon black tea this humble cuppa holds its own… and then some.

Award-winning organic teas, taste-bud brilliant flavour.

Looking for a stronger, everyday tea or a decaffeinated black (without the nasty chemicals)? Try the rest of our Ever-So-English family, Ever-So-English Everyday and Ever-So-English Decaf.

Organic black tea (100%)
Contains caffeine
These delicate Ceylon tea leaves are lovingly hand-picked and directly traded from traditional, ethical tea plantations in Sri Lanka.
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Joe’s brewing tips

Brew with boiling water for four to five minutes; add a splash of milk to taste.

Organic goodness

Best for taste, best for our bodies. Joe only uses the purest organic whole-leaf tea, herbs and fruit in all his blends.

Good to know stuff

Less caffeine than coffee but enough to perk you up first thing, caffeine boosts physical and mental performance – gym and Sudoku on Monday morning anyone?