Our current impact on the planet

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Planet organic

We’re passionate about organic farming and have only ever traded 100% organic teas and herbal infusions. Why are we so passionate about it? Because organic farming is the only way to ensure that our planet is properly looked after through agriculture for the present and the future. Our ingredients have never even had a whiff of chemicals (fertilisers, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides) and that keeps the ecosystems around the teas, herbs and spices as natural and happy as possible.

Strictly no GMO

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have had their DNA modified by humans through a process of genetic engineering. The dangers and risks of mass GMO farming to the planet is well documented and many countries have banned or restricted their use as a result. With no standardised regulations on the labelling of GMOs in packaging and ingredients means that it’s often difficult or impossible to know where they hide. We guarantee that none of our ingredients or packaging contain any GMOs.

The waste debate

For any business, packaging, waste and compostability vs costs and resources means decisions, and these decisions that aren’t always easy to make. Our pyramid bags, strings and tags are recyclable, our boxes are made from FSC recyclable board but not compostable inks, and our inner plastic bags and our foil bags for foodservice are not recyclable. See below for how we’re working towards making our packaging fully compostable by 2020.

Our pledge for 2018 and beyond

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2019 will see us switching to fully compostable inner packaging by using Natureflex, a very clever plant based alternative to plastic. We don’t believe in wasting any materials so we have some stock to use up but we’ll keep you updated as to when you can see this on a shelf near you.

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FSC and veg inks

We already use FSC board for most of our packaging but we are making sure that every single piece of paper and card that we use to FSC. We will also start to use vegetable inks across all our packaging. This will mean that fully compostable outer packaging across the (FSC) board.

Bags, tags and string

We will continue to work with our pyramid bag manufacturers for a compostable version and use it as soon as it becomes available. In the meantime, we will change our strings from polyester to compostable cotton string. The tags are a little more complicated because they need to be water resistant, we are working through some alternatives and we’ll let you know here as soon as we have a solution

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